Off the Hook Motorsport

Off the Hook Communications proud to sponsor Graham Heath’s race car for motorsport events.

c JFR_8390

Graham has owned and raced this car for more than ten years. What was originally a standard Nissan Pulsar when he first started racing has now seen many modifications and is now one of the top 2-wheel drive gravel sprint cars in the Wellington gravel sprint series.

After a great 2016 season in the Wellington gravel sprint series Graham has now won the the series ten times and has claimed the record for the most wins ever of the series. Graham will now be on the hunt for some new gravel challenges but will also be going for some more wins is the Wellington gravel sprint series.

If you are at a motorsport event that Graham is at and would like some information about Off the Hook Communications, have a chat with him about what we can do for your business – and if you’re lucky, you may even get a ride in his race car.

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