Avaya releases version 8.1 for IP Office phone systems

Avaya IP Office V2 and phones

Avaya IP Office V2 and phones

No-one likes being left behind. That is why keeping your phone system up to date is just as important as keeping your computers and cell phones up to date. The latest releases and updates can add new features, enhancements and more security to your phone system. Avaya has now released version 8.1 for IP Office phone systems. Some of the key enhancements that come with the new version are:

  • Avaya IP Office can now support up to 1000 users either on one site or across up to 32 sites (previously the maximum was 384)
  • Avaya Flare Communicator for iPad and Windows is a collaboration software client that delivers an innovative interface for real time communications
  • enhanced mobility
  • SIP trunk enhancements
  • contact centre enhancements
  • security enhancements.

End of Avaya support for IP Office release 7 and below

With the release of IP Office 8.1, Avaya will now only provide support for IP Office 8.1 and IP Office 8.0. IP Office 7.0 and below will no longer be supported by Avaya, so it’s important to update your system to the new release.

If you are interested in upgrading your Avaya phone system to version 8.1 and adding new features to your phone system, contact Off the Hook Communications. We can let you know what new features are available, provide a quote and work with your company to take advantage of this latest release.